The Rescue

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"Jean Powers" Showed some of her works at Schorr's Gallery located at West Jordan, UT, city hall building on Redwood Road.   The artists hometown of  Lyman, Wyoming, consists of around 500 fine hard working proud people. Many have stayed since their fathers started sheep or cattle ranches, some from the boom and bust economy in Wyoming, even though the population throughout the whole state is less than a million. She retired to the large metropolitan area of Salt Lake City, UT. So many opportunities, things to see, and great cultural activities with great art shows. She comments often on how art is a work in progress, continually requiring learning and study of old and new techniques from the old and new masters. Her latest creations have been portraits, and learning how the old masters layered colors. She has taken classes from Frank Covino in Salt Lake City and his student Fran Richens in Thermopolis, Wyoming. When she has an idea for a new piece she comments on how time melts away and before she knows it she has been painting for hours, "I think that must be what being passionate for something is like." 

charcoal sketch to oil painting

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